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They speak and still exist
There are few major distributors that delivering ROYAL product to your hand. It's normal if they talk about their experience in distributing ROYAL product. Satisfaction and many advantages of course become the reason why they still exist.

BMG - Samarinda
No regrets on selling ROYAL products. This because ROYAL product becoming customer bigget demand in Samarinda. Beside the price could compete with other brand, ROYAL have high quality product. Quality become number one concern most of the buyyers in this town.

We sold a lot of ROYAL product especially peal metalic casing and megabass handsfree. In our opinioon, price offered by ROYAL is very different from the market but the quality still high and not the cheapest. Prove of customer satisfaction are no

VERONIKA - Pekanbaru
Royal sells product which is very innovative and up to date. ROYAL product never out of date and quality become plede on many ROYAL keep commit with their product quality. We felt this from low complaints from customer.

Cover and casing become customer number one's choices. We are really satisfied being ROYAL distributor, because of the proper profit and product always up to date. We never hesitate on selling ROYAL product. Every customer needs a product, stocks are available and customer never disappointed.

Many ideas came from ROYAL. You can say all the ideas acceptable for people's especially mobile phone user want to be different and trendy. It can be seen by it's product from double speaker handsfree, cover and casing are most demanded by customer. It's easy to sell ROYAL product in Bali, the price is competitive and could be reached by down, middle and upper class.

One more fact about customer desire in Bali with ROYAL product is the low percentage of return. The products is good especially casing it's so precessions, the battery is also good. Many choices of casing color and innovation of mobile phone cover by ROYAL become it's value added.

One things become main advantage ROYAL is the very innovative and fashionable. Variety unique and elegance casing becomes most wanted product by customer in our store. We Keep selling ROYAL product of course. We have been helped with selling ROYAL product.

We home this thing stay on its way even in the future make some improvement. The trendy product with hight quality alway seeks by customer. This customer would never go to other brand if they already to got everything from ROYAL

Till now we still become ROYAL distributor. Quality and product innovative is our reason to offering many ROYAL accessories. For our customer in Medan, Royal product price quite cheap and compete with other product.

When we sell ROYAL product, the biggest desire of Medan customer are metalic casing. Appearances of the casing especially color choices could be the reason why they so interested in this product. We are very satisfied on selling this product. Reason we never fot complaints and claims from ROYAL buyers until now.

It's easy to sell ROYAL product. These are the reason why we sell these products. We hope the profit from sales of course. ROYAL products are very good and innovative also up to date. Customer prefer product not used by many people, this is what ROYAL product talk about.

Event the price is little above other brand, but ROYAL quality still the best. It's normal if customers always see and choose ROYAL to decorate is mobile phone. Metalic pearl casing become most wanted product. Because the color is emboss like expensive car.